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Answerthepublic is a free keyword planner tool that can help a webmaster to gather keyword data relevant to a particular query. Answer the public is a relatively easy tool to use and all you have to do is enter your desired keyphrase to know the insight about what people are searching for.

In the free plan, you have about 3-5 chances of using this free keyword planner before your daily limit expires. But there is also a pro plan available for $99 a month. In case you are working for a giant tech company or have hundreds of clients answer the public will serve as a good tool for daily needs.

Webmasters need keyword planner to optimize their content. In the pro feature, you can also target the audience based on their geographic region. The default region is the UK and it is always been like that. If you purchase the pro version you are likely to target your website in different geographic regions over the internet. We all know that Google uses geographical locations to deliver different search results to the user. This can serve as a great benefit for your keyword planning in case you are targeting different regions. This can also impact the way you are listed in SERPs.

Well here, I did a search of SEO and as you can see that I have 191 questions relating to SEO,  130 prepositions 95 comparison and some other 540 related searches that users are doing over the internet. These are the most popular phrases that user input in search engines. As a bonus, you can also download this data into a CSV file on can save them as images.SEO search

Here is the circle highlighting the popular SEO searches. For example, the first question starting from the word “When” is “when SEO started”. We can also see that it is in a dark green color. This symbolizes that it is the most popular search. In contrast, the last phrase of the same section is the least popular search in search engines.Answer The Public Circle Similarly, there are many other phrases each. This can also give you great ideas for choosing a relevant keyword. Although, we know that the dark green is the one that is most competitive and many people are searching for it. Hence, ranking for such a keyword in the first pages can be quite tough.

Going down we can also see prepositions reading search queries or comparison and the alphabet. I usually pay attention to the questions and alphabets of my search. This is because they can serve as long tail the short tail keywords for my articles. For example, in alphabets and the Letter “S”, I can see that people are searching for “SEO services”, “SEO Specialist”. Both of them can be great short-tail keywords for me.

Answer the public alphasIf you are capable enough to use any of these phrases in your content¬†keywords you are likely to gain a lot of organic traffic. Well, that’s all for using answer the public. But you still need to do more research. This can include checking the competition using Google Adwords, or seeing the current popular content that relates to keyphrase.

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