What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important

Digital or online marketing is anything that involves the use internet to reach the target audience. With the introduction of the internet and social media, marketing the way it used to happen has greatly evolved. Now you don’t need to put ads on TV and force potential customers to buy your products. Rather marketing is becoming a two-channel, connecting business with their audience. Having feedbacks and reviews have become an integral part of marketing.

When talking about digital marketing we can think of every way that a marketer can use to reach potential customers. This can include banners on websites, Pay per Click (PPC) and other methods to target the audience.

Many online start-ups are formed every month but miserably fail to exist in the long run. Ever question why? This might be because of a lack of marketing and a proper product. Well, both of them are aligned. You have a great product, but none of your audience knows about it. Or you have marketed your product extensively but it is of low quality. Well, that sums up the reasons for many fail start-ups.

In today’s era making money from the internet while relaxing at your home is trending. Digital marketing can involve SEO, SEM, Content and campaign marketing. Of course, we will get into more detail regarding the various forms of Digital Marketing as we move ahead. But for now, we need to have an answer as to why digital marketing is important for any business.

The world is getting online and so should you! Social media have record high user growth in recent years and you are likely able to attract the target audience for your product. Below are some of the importance of Digital Marketing

It can increase Sales

When you set out to market anything, whether online or offline the main aim is to increase sales for the business. This is followed by brand awareness and loyalty. Digital marketing serves the same tasks. In fact, it can be more effective as giant companies such as Google and Facebook has a large user base that targets users based on their interest and search data. You are likely to market your SEO products to someone interested in “SEO” rather than to someone interested in “Animals”. Digital marketing effectively stands out here against offline and TV commercials.

Fighting the competition

If you are not continuously developing or adding value to your products you are likely to lose market share to your competitors. Digital advertising can help people understand as to how your product is different from your rivals. It can also help you stay in the competition and can attract more awareness of the brand. Of course, being a big brand in any industry matters.



More cost effective and generates higher conversion

Since digital marketing is targeted it is more cost-effective than traditional ways. To reach some 2000 audience you don’t need to spend $1000 in the marketing budget. Businesses using digital marketing have reported increase conversion in contrast to traditional advertising. Using Social Media as a marketing platform can convert potential customers into buyers and hence influencing the profits of the business.

Make the customer a priority

If you make customers your priority you are likely to bag additional sales. Perhaps you will also have a physiological impact on the way they interact with you for any future transaction. Getting social media accounts for every business organization has become a must in today’s era. Of course, nobody is going to call your centers and communicate the problem they are facing. Live chats, webinars, and email support have become a common medium of communication between businesses and customers. Giving a quick response to your users plays an important role to bring referral sales and can increase brand awareness.

Well, before you decide to get your business or product online. It would be great to know as to how the search engine works? Since they are the top source for driving traffic.

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