Best use of Google Search Console To Increase Optimization!

Google search console is a free tool from Google that helps webmasters to counter known errors on their site. Listing your site in search console is easy and doesn’t require technical expertise. You can use the search console to gather several important data for your site. This can include,

Checking your website performance

Search console can help a webmaster regularly monitor his website performance. This is some essential data that all brands wish to understand. How is your site performing throughout the month? Have your organic traffic increase or decrease during any defined period? This can also let you know if any changes you made had resulted in blocking Google crawler. For example, I have attached a picture of my other website performance below. As you can see that my organic traffic decrease in August because of Google’s machine learning update. In fact, you can also see that the search console notified me about this update and how it will affect my performance. Checking website performance brings us togoogle search console

Comparing the site’s performance over time

Via Google search console you can also compare your website performance against time periods. This can help you check as to how your website has performed in the current month in comparison to the previous month. This can webmasters see if their performance is improving over time or is staying constant in Google SERP’s.

Submitting Sitemaps

The most exciting feature of Google search console I like is the submission of sitemaps. Sitemaps are basically a page that contains all the URLs of your website. This can greatly help search engine crawlers to identify your new content. This can also help search engines to crawl the entire structure of a particular domain using sitemaps. Sitemaps are becoming popular as it helps the website to rank their content quickly in SERPs. Using Google search console you can submit your website sitemap including image sitemaps. As a bonus, if you are a news agency you can also submit a news sitemap to tell Google about your recent post regarding current news.

Identify the common keywords

Keyword planning is becoming significant to attract more visitors to your site. Have you done proper keyword planning? Are your target users finding their way to your website using search engines? Well, the Google search console can give you further insight in this regard. Using the console you can navigate popular keywords that people are using to land on your pages. Additionally, you can have further information about keywords by clicking on them. Further information includes total clicks and the impression that a particular keyword has achieved.

Get to know your most popular pages

Using search console you can check the top pages of your website. Every site has some certain pages that rank better in search engines bringing more traffic to the site. Getting to know your best performing posts can help you divert traffic to other pages through internal linking which can also be helpful for SEO.

Know your visitor’s Geographic location and Devices

In addition, the search console can give you insight about your visitor’s geographical location and devices they used to visit your page. This might not seem like some beneficial information for many webmasters. But in the long run, it can prove to be essential. Let’s say your target audience is the UK and the majority traffic you receive is from India. Are you doing enough measures to tackle this problem? You will also see the number of clicks and impressions from each country your website is getting. Besides, if your audience is the general public and most of your traffic is coming from, let’s say Australia, you can easily use this information to make affiliate content targeting Australian users.

Inspect particular URL

As a webmaster, you really wish your website to be crawled by Google bot often. Have you managed to write some great content and realize it is not showing up in search results? With Google search console you can easily inspect all URLs of your website to know if they are getting index in SERP’s. Search console will also let you know if whether your robots.txt file is preventing Google crawlers to list any particular URL. You can also have insights about the infected pages or content that your robot.txt file is blocking Google from. This can give a webmaster an idea as to why their robot.txt file is hindering the Google crawlers. Below is a picture showing how the search console can help you request a particular URL for indexing.

URL Inspection of google search console

Check if your website is mobile friendly

Google search console also helps with troubleshooting mobile’s visibility. We know that mobile devices are increasingly becoming popular and most of the internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices instead of desktop or laptop. This is because it is a very convenient way to do research or browser internet. Google also penalized a website that is not mobile friendly.

Further mobile-friendly websites have a higher chance to get listed on Google first page. Search console provides errors relating to your mobile usability. This can be having mobile elements to close together or your font being too small that can make it difficult for a user to understand. This is a really helpful tool because you can quickly navigate your mobile usability errors and can give them a quick fix. SOme common mobile usability issues you can encounter are

Mobile Usability

Get to your backlinks

Companies that are value their SEO can extremely benefit from this free resource. Having strong backlinks are becoming a crucial part of Off-page SEO. Using search console you can browse the sites linking to you. If some popular or authoritative website links to you it can highly increase your chances for making to first pages of Google’s SERP. Besides, you can also know the anchor text they are using to while linking to your website.

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