Get To Know How Search Engine Works

Before diving into SEO it is better to know how search engine works?. We need to know this so we can dig ahead in onto more information with regards to SEO and Digital Marketing. Have you ever wonder how the search engine gets the results listed on its pages relevant to your search.? Well, that is all because of the websites crawlers also termed as spiders that keep visiting your pages.

How Search Engine Works

Every search engine has its own crawler that crawls the entire web time by time. So for example, if you are having a website a Googlebot will visit you and will index your website pages into its directory.

Now, this is a very big directory and contains a large number of pages from millions of websites. For the second time when the same bot visits you, it won’t index any page except the new ones discovered. To make it easier for crawlers many websites use XML sitemaps. XML sitemaps is a file containing all the lists of URLs of a website.

Once the web pages of your website have been discovered it goes into the directory of a search engine. When someone searches Google or Bing, the search engine fetch the results from its directory. There are a lot of pages index related to the words queried in the directory of any search engine. How does a page rank better than the other all depends on SEO.

Usually, the pages with the most relevant content and having strong backlinks are likely to make it to the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Thus, to be indexed on a search engine your website needs to be on its directory and to be on its directory your website needs to get crawled.



The Algorithms

Here also comes the algorithm of search engines to work. Search engines have done a lot of work to filter spam results and results with irrelevant content or plagiarized content from their search results. When you conduct a search several algorithms work together to display the best result in accordance with your query.

So if the algorithm determines that your website is the most relevant from the search conducted by the person then your page will be index among the first few results. Algorithms are confidential and how do they work only the search engines and their creator knows. This is because if common people or people like us came to know how search engine works we can easily manipulate them and make our websites rank higher than the others.

We only know what algorithm does such as Google has an algorithm called Panda and Penguin. Besides, Google uses more than hundreds of algorithms to determine the rank assigned to every website.


Well, That’s how every search engine works, whether, Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex. For now, we already familiar with crawlers, algorithms and search engine directory. How about taking a step further and reading about the Importance of SEO?

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