How Long Tail Keywords Can Increase Your Traffic?

Long tail keywords are highly specific keywords to target potential users and generate leads. These are the phrases that consist of low competition but can result in higher conversion. The long tail is a concept in statistics that signifies the distribution of the data from the head.

Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimizer would use short tail keywords to rank better in search engines. In today’s era content with the short tail keyword tends to have the toughest competition followed by very low conversion.

This is because many websites are struggling to get index on the first pages of SERP with the same keyword. This is likely because of the traffic it might fetch. Long tail keyword provides a better alternative to this. It is a keyword that is less searched by a user and thus has little to no competition. Keyword planners such as AnswethePublic or Google Keyword Planner itself are a great way to find them.

Highly specific keywords are likely to rank well in search engines. Remember you are writing for a topic that nobody or a few blogs are working on. As for me writing about “Short tail vs Long Tail keyword” would serve as a long tail keyword. This is because there is no content containing the same title and keyphrase in the SEO industry as of now. Besides, this phrase is having a decent amount of monthly search volume that can potentially convert to leads. The images below might give you a better insight

short tail vs long tail keyword

Let’s dig further and search the term on Google. We have this

short tail vs long tail keywords research

While further analyzing the long tail keyword we can see that there is very low competition for this keyphrase. In fact, the first pages that Google ranks don’t even contain the said keyword in its title. This provides us abundant opportunities to use On Page SEO to rank better for the specific keyphrase and generate more leads.

Kindly know that the above example is just for illustration. Instead, I recommend using keywords that have at least 1K volume a month but it is purely up to you. The good news is that by making your website more specific you are likely to rank higher in search engines. This is because Google loves to rank sites that talk about remote topics. Long tail keywords are now constantly used in SEO marketing strategy. In addition, they also help a new business to grab organic traffic without pulling a high additional cost.

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