An Introduction to Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are pages displayed by search engines based upon the search query. Over time, the SERPs have constantly evolved and have become better at understanding what exactly matches the result of a search. Getting your site index on the first page of SERPs have become more complex and competitive.

The search engine works constantly to serve their users with better content, the demand for SEO experts have skyrocketed. After the introduction of Google’s People Also Ask (PPA) and Knowledge Graph the SERPs itself has become more interesting.

Features of a typical Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Once you enter a keyword to search on a search engine the algorithms define the data that shall be presented to you. This is based on your location, previous search history, and many other factors. Once the search engine redirects you to the SERP page you can see a lot of links relating to your keyword. Here is the fun part. The SERP itself has several areas. For example, Google SERPs is a combination of

  • Paid Results
  • Organic Results
  • Knowledge Graph
  • People Also Ask
  • Related Images
  • People Also Search For, and some others.

Getting landed on any of these features except Paid Results is what all webmasters dream for. This means your website needs to have a higher SEO rank in comparison to your competitors. But there is more, your website also needs to constantly evolve with Google algorithms and its updates.

SERPs are getting smarter regarding the result to display. If you search “SEO” from different locations of the world you are likely going to end up with different results based on your location even though the keyword is the same.

Similarly, Bing and Yahoo have their own SERP’s feature and both are different from Google. For being the popular Search engine Google itself has a lot of responsibility to serve targeted results to its users. Hence, Google’s SERP is constantly evolvingĀ and it provides more ways to SEO experts to get listed among the first few pages.

A good way to get into SERP’s is by using search consoles. Well, What are search consoles and why do they matter?

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