SEO Meta Tags | Why should you consider using them?

HTML just doesn’t serve as the backbone of content. But perhaps it also plays a critical role to help you rank better in search engines. HTML meta tags provide search engines data about a page’s content. This includes title, description, and most importantly the focus keywords.

Meta tags don’t make part of the content. But are rather place in the head section of a webpage. Although, there are several meta tags but when it comes to SEO optimization you only need around 3 to 4 of them. We will read about later in this topic. In simple terms, these tags help search engine identify the website or content your page speaks about.

A Meta tag represents the basic training course for an SEO trainer. Perhaps they are also heavily use in SEO audit to check relevance with content. If you are using any CMS such as WordPress or Blogger, it would already be easy for you to insert Meta tags in your post. However, if you have your own modified website then you need to do in some other way.

Here are the top Meta tags a webmaster can use for SEO optimization.

Meta description

This describes the content your page speaks about. This tag serves a major purpose for users to have a quick and short read about a topic using SERPs snippets. Although, it doesn’t affect your ranking but having a catchy description that can increase your Click Through Rate in Google’s search console. If you fail to provide a description to your page Search engine will pick any relevant snippet from your content to present it to the user. Although, make sure to keep your description is below 160 words or the rest of it will be cropped by Google.

The title tag

Although it is not a meta tag but it plays a crucial role in optimizing your web content. A title tag signifies the title of your page in SERPs. Perhaps it is the first thing that a user’s read before visiting your site. This means that your title should catch the attention of your visitor. You should beware to keep it concise and no more than 55 words since it will have a negative impact on your SEO strategy. Perhaps if you can, in some way include the keyword you are willing to rank for in meta description or title. You are already way ahead than most of your competitors to rank better in search engines.

meta tags title and description for SEO

Meta viewport

This tag helps you to optimize your website for mobile devices. In case you are not optimizing your website to be mobile friendly you are likely risking a lot of traffic. Google and other search engines as well, love to rank sites higher that are mobile optimized. Further, you can take help of Google Search Console to analyze the errors that your website’s mobile version is experiencing. In case, you forget to use viewport a default desktop view will load on the mobile device.

Meta Robots

This is an additional meta tag you can use to prevent or allow search engine crawlers from indexing your site. This tag helps the search engine understands whether to index a particular page or not. Although, you might want all your pages to get index on SERP’s. But still, there are some pages a webmaster doesn’t want to rank. This can be privacy policy, contact us and top-level pages of your site.

These are some relevant meta tags that can come handy for a webmaster. There are various meta tags and even meta tags you should never use. But when it comes to optimization the above shall surely work.

Why do you need to meta tags for SEO optimization?

A common query webmasters look for is to why they should meta tags for the betterment of SEO? The simple answer to this is more relevancy. Google algorithms index your website after crawling the entire structure of your content and pages. The more relevant it sounds to crawlers, the higher are your chances of making it to the top results. Why would Google bother to list a site that doesn’t have a title and description tag in the first page of search results?

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