Create Your First Perfect SEO Page Title Today!

Page title can mean so much when it comes to SEO. Adding them in your content is one of the most important aspects when it comes to optimization. Of course, if you don’t effectively use them then getting a smack on your traffic is quite likely. Title tags work like a charm for SEO. And all you need is a little more creativity in your content.

What is the meta title tag and why is it Important for SEO?

It is an HTML element that contains the title of your web page. It looks something like this,

  <title>Your Extraordinary Title</title>

The words you write in the title is displayed on several platforms including social media and search engine. It is very important for using an SEO optimize title tag for your blog to fetch more traffic. An ideal Title does contain no more than 60 characters but it is usually recommended to keep it under 50.

Chrome title tag

In case, your Title exceeds 60 characters, Google will crop your page title which can easily hurt your SEO. The title is a clickable part of SERP. If you are using a content management system such as WordPress than you are already having those titles in your post thanks to way CMS works.

But if you are not powering your website with WordPress then you need to add separate titles for each of your pages. In case you are not optimizing your page titles, are you even serious with your SEO strategies?

Many webmasters and beginners keep their page title straight forward, thinking it best suits their SEO needs. But the hidden truth is that they are the first impression to your users when it comes to diverting organic traffic.

If you can make them convincing and engaging then there are higher chances of conversion for you than your rivals. Put your title in simple words and risk losing your traffic to competitors. Your users are likely going to skip your website even if it ranks among the first pages of SERP all because of a pale page title.

Don’t confuse the Title tag with Headings, they both works differently although, they are both equally important for on-Page SEO. Here are a few ways by which you create an effective SEO optimized page title starting from today.

Title on social site

It must have your keyword

Your title must have your keyword and it should be engaging. You have a lot of power on your page so make sure you use all of them to increase your rankings. Remember the title tag is shown in a large font in SERP. Many users will just visit your visit based on the catchy title so use them properly!

SEO empowered Page title also helps search engines to better understand your content. If you do not use the title tag or construct them poorly without entering your focus keyphrase. Then you should forego the dream for making it to the first page of Google.

If you take a book that doesn’t have a title and start reading you won’t even know what the book talks about. That is why every book has a name similarly every content should have a unique title.

It shouldn’t be intrusive

Make your titles more picky. For example, let’s take this page. The title of this page is “Create Your First Perfect SEO Page Title Today!”. This is the most powerful Title for me because it contains the word “SEO Optimized”, “Your” and “Today”. These words are enough to help our website get decent clicks from SERP.

But there could have been some pale Page title for this post. Such as

“Using title tags to rank better in Search Engine”
“How to make great page title”
“Ways Page Title can help your website rank better”

How does it sounds from the one we have chosen? For me, doesn’t look great when it comes to creating killer page titles for your content!

Make Your Page Title Unique and Brand it

Do not repeat the same phrase or sentence in your titles. You don’t need to duplicate them because it will make search engine confused as to which page is more relevant to your content. Make them clear and accurate to improve your rankings. In addition, you should also add your brand at the end title to increase brand awareness.

Have you ever noticed that at the end of every title I add my website name so that my visitors can develop brand recognition. If I did not do that, then most of you wouldn’t even remember my website’s name. In addition, if you do not include your website name in the title you also run the risk of Google automatically changing adding it for you. This is because it’s something which should be there by the standards.

Write it for your readers

Talking about page title, you are not writing them for Search Engine or for your own, rather they are the first thing your readers will read about your website. The title is the most visible text in any Search engine. Make sure to write it for your readers while optimizing it for search engines. A simple title would like to turn away your potential readers to other websites.


When it comes to SEO optimized page title it should have your focus keyword. This is not a choice and your content marketer should be perfect enough to add it.

This is because it provides more value to the information you are writing for. So make sure to make a catchy title including your main keywords. As a bonus, I try to use “Call to Action” phrases in my title along with keyword which is something that can harness additional traffic with low efforts.

Do you think the Title of this post would have been better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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