What are Search Console and Why Do They Matter?

Search consoles are usually a free service that webmasters can use to monitor and maintain the site’s presence. Every popular search engine has its own search console. This can help you to optimize your website’s and pages for ranking and monitoring the traffic flow especially organic clicks.

In search consoles, you can submit your sitemap and let search engines know your entire website’s URL structure. You can also monitor the traffic and know against which query your site appears in searches. You can also monitor the impressions you receive when someone searches something that is relevant to your website or your niche. Besides, search consoles are a great way to debug issues related to AMP pages and mobile usability.

Search consoles can be handy for webmasters, businesses and SEO specialists. They can help them optimize their website or their ranking and make decisions related to the search queries. Additionally, there are other features you can use to get an insight into your website’s statistics. This includes comparing performance over the months or years or against some certain time period. You can also monitor the top pages on linking sites in your webmaster tools. Besides you can also debug your website’s security or mobile usability issues.

Why search console matter?

Well, they are a great way to submit sitemaps including image sitemap. Popular search engines like Google and Bing have their own search consoles. But there is also the Baidu search console with which you might not be familiar with. Baidu is a popular search engine in China having almost 70% Market share. As long as your target audience isn’t China or Mandarin people then you do not have to optimize your site for Baidu.

For any webmaster or as a beginner I highly recommend you to use search consoles. It can provide valuable information regarding your website’s performance. For me, I usually use search consoles to see what queries are triggering impressions or clicks to my website. You can also track clicks or impressions you receive over a certain time period. You can also check if the organic traffic to your website has increased or actually decrease over time.

Search consoles can also provide insights regarding your country’s visitors and the devices they use to visit your website. You can also track your website’s popular pages. This may not be seen as some valuable information for many webmasters. But in the long run, if you are committed to making a giant brand online search console will be really helpful for you. It might also change your ultimate decisions regarding your focus keyword or target audience. With improving your website’s optimization you can be sure that your website is ranking well in SERP’s.

The most popular search consoles are Google and Bing search consoles. To know more about adding websites to search console or getting the most from them you can browse our website.

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