What is SEO and Its Importance? Know Today!

What is SEO has become a trending search for the webmaster looking to optimize their website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a large and growing industry. As per Forbes, the industry is now larger than $80 billion and keeps growing. But, in short, you need more organic traffic.

Have you ever come across a search result that might not be relevant to yours?. Have you ever come across a page that is not what you expected but is still listed on search results?. If yes, then that is all because of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO in simple words are ways to optimize your page for the search engine. In addition, SEO techniques compromise of On-page and Off-Page SEO. If you can successfully combine both them you have likely unlocked the road to your website’s growth! If you aren’t investing in SEO there are chances where your competitors can easily beat you in the market.

For a brief overview, On-Page SEO consists of all the techniques you can use on your website to rank higher. This includes using Heading tags, Page title, and other Meta tags. In comparison, Off-Page SEO are all other techniques that are beyond your webpage. This includes backlinks, guest posts, competitor’s backlink analysis and more.

There are more than thousands of websites for any topic out there and they are competing with each other for traffic.  For this, they need a search engine optimizer to help them rank higher in the search engines.

This creates an industry of people that will dedicate their time for improvement of the website’s ranking on search results. SEO is important because it provides organic traffic to your site instead of paid traffic. In addition, content marketing strategy around the small business is booming.

There are a lot of online courses related to SEO but from our website, you can fetch a lot of free information in relation to the topic. Basically, Search Engine Optimization can be easy and it does not involve technical details instead it is a bit fun on my part. There are a lot of online free tools to help you monitor the SEO performance of a particular page.

After going through our Search Engine Optimization content your website will likely to rank higher in search engines. Every second there are more than 500,000 searches being conducted on different search engines. If your website does not rank in the search results you are potentially missing a lot of your traffic.



This is organic traffic and you are losing the people who would actually buy your product or result in leads. They might also be interested to follow you in the future. Because of SEO has become and very attractive strategy for every business these days.

Together with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing abbreviated as SEM new websites and businesses can easily compete with a lot of its rivals. You should also be familiar with basic HTML tags before you can hop on to towards SEO best practices.

Each tool and each strategy you will come across here will assign a weight to your web page ranking on search engines. Although, nobody knows which weight will affect your ranking more than the other. But more the weight, the more are your chances for getting on the first page of search engines.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of SEO is rapidly increasing in today’s era. Actually, SEO is a practice that involves making your website more adaptive to search engines. People hardly go to the second or third page of search engines. Most of them just browse through the results that appear on the first page. This means we need to heavily optimize our website to make it to the first page of SERP.

If your website does not rank among the first page of a search engine you are likely losing a chunk of traffic. SEO helps to increase website visibility and there are many actions that one can take to improve it. Many people use a search engine for research and other findings. You might already be familiar with Wikipedia which is an open source website where you can get a ton of information.

Additionally, the website has millions of backlinks. It means a lot of websites are linking to Wikipedia. And in turn, it ranks among the first pages of SERP. Maybe it is time to reassess the importance of SEO for our small business?

It’s one of a major reason for Wikipedia to rank higher than most the websites in the search results. In today’s age almost every business is online. Being online does not mean that you have managed to get an online presence or a small website. But instead, you are able to communicate with your consumers and obtain feedback from them.

It also involves conducting business activities by means of the internet. The use of a search engine is constantly skyrocketing as people having access to the internet are increasing, especially in parts of Africa or Southeast Asia. Besides Google, there are other search engines such as Yahoo Search, Duckduckgo and etc. All of them have their own algorithms but the market share of Google is more than 70%. SEO is important for any website trying to make a foothold in any niche.

Market competition between online business is increasing daily and maintaining a strong presence can generate more sales or higher conversation. A strong presence can also ensure that business can remain on the first pages of search engines rather than being push at the back. The key for this is SEO. SEO has become a need for every site, from education to e-commerce.

So if you Google “buy clothes” you will get an e-commerce website that is more user-friendly or relevant to your search and is based in your home country. Instead of the one which is new or is least relevant to your query.

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